Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop

My Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop is  here!!

Look at all the goodies it came with!

Time to try it out!
I love how light weight and easy to move round it is.
The cord is extra long, so I can do a whole room at a time!
The twin tanks are easy to pop off and fill
 up ,and just as easy to pop back on. 

My old steam mop it took me forever
 just to get the tank part off.
It heats up really quickly, the ready light
 lets me know when I am good to go.
The mop is not loud and work like a charm.
 I used this on three different floors.
First I did the wood floor in my Kitchen. 
Having  two small kids  there was a few sticky spots.
I waited for my light and then watched
 as the steam got the sticky right off.
I was excited and amazed. 
Looks shiny wood floors!

Next was the granite floor in the bathroom. 
This floor was dirty since 
we had been working in there recently. 
Ew dirty granite floor.

 I did not clean it cause I knew I had
 the Hoover TwinTank Steam mop coming. 
Honestly I was a bit worried to use this
 on the granite but it worked wonders.
The layers of dirt and dust disapeared right away.
 It left the floor super shiny. 

(Please pardon our bathroom it isn't finished yet!)

I was really impressed with
 how good it made the granite look.
Last was my tile entry way, which had
muddy footprints on it since it had rained.
Plugged in, it heated up and then it took 
but a few quick slides across
and the floor was looking good.
Not only was it cleaning the floors
 but it was disinfecting them. 
It has a control knob that allowed
 me to chose the cleaning mode. 

I used the general clean through out my house.
 I even put the attachment piece on and
 steamed the rug in my dinning room. 
When my husband got home from work he was like
 "Wow these floors look great!".
 All the floors in my house were squeaky clean.
This steam mop is easy to use.
 I have used others in the past, that were so
 heavy and just a pain to get apart to fill up.
Only one thing I wish it had was a trigger lock.
My hand did get a little sore from holding it down.

The Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop 
defiantly makes cleaning the floors a lot easier.
 I loved the results, and will be using it regularly!

Want to pick up one for your house?
Your floors will thank you!

I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, 
but my opinions are entirely my own.


  1. Very useful review, I'm still unsure about this model yet but your review has certainly helped.


    1. I also have a H2O mop and honestly I don't use it anymore since I got the Hoover just so much easier to use. This one cleans better, lighter, easier to take apart! It makes cleaning my floor way more enjoyable! Thanks for stopping by! =)