Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sprinkle on a bit of spice and get healthy!

I have been on a egg kick lately.
I love them and have been eating them everyday.
Well the whites of the egg that is.
The yolk still kinda freaks me out, but 
that is a whole different story.
A friend of mine posted about Cayenne Pepper
last week and it sparked my interest.
I had not realized how amazing it actually was
and all the health benefits.
Nutrition wise it is a winner.
Then there are so many great benefits along
with the great nutrition your getting.

The health benefits of cayenne pepper have been documented for years. This spicy, dried chili pepper is not just a delicious ingredient in Cajun food. It is a virtual medicine chest which can be used to treat numerous ailments. Cayenne even acts as a facilitator to help other herbs work more effectively in your system.

Cayenne is high in the vitamins A, C, B as well as the minerals, calcium and potassium.
  • C vitamins keep your immune system in top condition.
  • B vitamins keep your stress from becoming overwhelming.
  • Calcium, besides being good for bones and teeth, is a pain reliever.
  • Potassium keeps the tissues of your body in optimum health and helps to keep your blood pressure and heartbeat regulated.
  • Vitamin A is an important nutrient for the health and reproduction of epithelial tissue. This tissue lines all of the body cavities and is important barrier against bacteria entering the body. It is also a powerful antioxidant which helps to prevent free radical damage which could lead to cancer, neuropathy and heart disease.

Specific Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne is used in many different types of illnesses. It can be used as a tea, a tincture, or capsules. The various forms can be used interchangeably except where noted.

Natural Pain Reliever

Using cayenne externally can help to relieve the pain of back aches, muscle spasms, and even osteoarthritis and cluster headaches. There has been some success with managing the pain from diabetic neuropathy; however it is less effective with neuropathy stemming from auto-immune diseases. It is generally used in cream form, and rubbed on the painful area.
The primary side effect is a mild to moderate burning sensation at the site of the application. Cayenne works by changing the focus of the nerve endings and then blocking the nerve signals.

Cardiovascular Health

The health benefits of cayenne pepper when used to treat cardio-vascular problems have been well documented for years. Taking a regular supplement of cayenne can reduce cholesterol, triglyceride levels, and platelet aggregation. It also enhances the body's ability to dissolve blood clots. In fact, cayenne is a wonderful item to have in an emergency first aid kit. It has been used with good success inhelping to stop severe bleeding, as well as being used with heart attack victims. It strengthens the heart and regulates blood flow.


Substance P is a neuropeptide. Its job is to quickly alert the body to pain. Capsaicin, which is what gives cayenne the heat, inhibits substance P and keeps it from relaying the pain effectively.
Cayenne is being used to treat sensory nerve fiber disorders that occur with arthritis, psoriasis and other inflammatory conditions in the body. There may be an initial increase in the pain followed by a gradual decrease over a period of time until the pain is diminished. Many people who have used cayenne for awhile describe themselves as pain free.

Clearing Congestion

Cayenne helps to clear up a stuffy nose or the chest congestion associated with colds and flu. It stimulates the mucous membranes to drain and thins out the mucous that is being formed. If you are a nursing mom, and your baby has a stuffy nose, you can achieve the same results by taking the cayenne yourself and nursing your baby.

Even More Uses for Cayenne

  • Hot peppers can help to stave off stomach ulcers. They prevent them by killing harmful bacteria and, at the same time, stimulating the cells of the stomach lining.
  • It can be used to warm cold feet in the winter. Sprinkle some powdered cayenne in your shoes and your feet with be toasty warm.
  • Heats up the metabolism. Cayenne significantly increases heat production in the body which burns calories. This thermogenic effect can last more than 20 minutes.
  • Gargle with cayenne tea to cure a sore throat.
  • Has been used successfully for the external treatment of MRSA.
  • Cayenne acts as a mood elevator.

Every day researchers seem to be finding some new health benefit of cayenne pepper. From metabolism to cardiovascular system, cayenne seems to be the hardest working herb on the planet.

So my last trip to the store I picked up a bottle.
I am going to start sprinkling it on everything I eat.
This morning it was Cayenne Pepper egg whites for me!

I put them over some spinach and drizzled a 
bit of Raspberry vinaigrette!

It was good!
My plain boring breakfast,
was now hot and spicy!
I loved it.
I'm even going to try in sneak some in dinner tonight.
And see if anyone says anything.
These health benefits are worth a little bit of burn.
Wouldn't you agree?
It's a good burn and it lets you know it is working!
Something amazing my teeth aren't hurting.
I have  usually have constant throbbing through
 out the day and it is gone!
My body has a tingling sensation.
I feel great!!                            

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