Monday, June 11, 2012

My first score - Kreepsville 666 shirt

I use Yardsellr ,so when I got the email
that a sister site called was born I got excited.
I got even more excited when I received $10.00
worth of style points just for joining.
Well you know me I search the site high and low,
till I found something good.

Oh boy did I find something good!
I (HEART) Zombies shirt!

The girl had it listed for $8.00
with free shipping.
I used my free credits I got for joining.
Didn't have to pay anything but the $1.60 slice.
(as you remember from Yardsellr it is the fee to 
keep things going.)
It arrived a few days later and oh my !!!!
 I freaking love it!!!!!!

This shirt sells for $26.00 on their site.
They are all about the Zombies and Monsters.
The original scare wear!
You need to check out their site especially
if your a little ghoul like me. has all sorts of goodies.
My searches : 
Abbey Dawn
Iron Fist

But look around there is lots of different stuff.
All  pretty good priced.
Some stuff is brand new and other used.
I am a avid thrifter, I am 
loving this cyber thrifting feel to it.
You can get credits to every time a friend joins.
Also random sellers will sometimes give
you style points to help you buy their merch.
But if that isn't what you want hold on 
to them for what you really want.

I'm hoping to get this necklace.

$10.00 free shipping.
So it will only cost me $1.60
Only thing is with this site the same as
Yardsellr you have to use your credits
as quick as possible.
When signed in each second that passes 
a point is lost.

It is fun and your getting stuff for practically free.
Which is awesome!

I'm excited that there are sites like this.
Totally blows ebay out of the water.

This being my first item from
I have gotten a few from Yardsellr.

Used my credits and got free shipping only paying $1.60

This skirt was $9.00
I didn't have very many photons (aka credits)
but I still got it.
It was free shipping and was going to be a 
perfect birthday day present for Miss blue.
Paid $10.60
And to my surprise on 
Amazon this skirt goes for $34.95

Ebay for $56.87

So I got a great deal!

I had also got Miss Blue the Frankie Stein Lip Gloss necklace
Click the link to read that story.

I plan on using both sites
and scoring as much awesome goodies as I can!!

Also if you have stuff you want to get rid of Yardsellr and
are great sites to do so.

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