Friday, June 8, 2012

Glitter Headbands

So last week on the
they were having a giveaway.
I have been trying to win one for awhile.
They have random drawing giveaways
on their Facebook page all the time.
This time you needed to have 5 friends like
their page and let them know you sent them.
 I personally hate these contest.
It sends me on a friend asking frenzy.
(ps. those of you that liked it, you rock
If it was 10 friends or 20 friends 
I wouldn't have done it. 
But 5 was a nice low number,
something I could do and finally win one!

Fast forward a few hours.
Yay, I got my fifth friend,
submitted my info and color choice.

Since Miss Blue's birthday was
only a week away I let her pick
out the color.
And surprisingly she picked light blue.
(I thought for sure she was  going to pick the hot pink.)

In the mail today we got a package
with a glittery surprise.

She loves her new Glitter Headband!
Looks stunning on her golden blonde hair.
It is going to be the perfect accessory 
for her Frankie Stein costume.
Not to mention dance class.
The band fits her head perfect.
Doesn't slip which is a big plus.
It sparkles so pretty.
The quality of the band 
is good and strong.
And it is made very well.
The glitter is staying on!!!

These headbands are great for adding 

some sparkle to your sports teams like Cheer, 

Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Dance, Ect.

Glitter Headbands come in 

16 different colors

8 Zebra print color variations

3 Cheetah print color variations

Glitzing up the field since 2006

Thank you so much Diamond Duds
For making us girl sparkle!


  1. I know .. They have a giveaway going on right now.

    They give them away all the time too =)