Monday, May 14, 2012

My first Yardsellr score: Monster High Necklace

Yardsellr is a site that let you sell your 
stuff and buy other peoples stuff.
It starts you off with a $5.00 welcome gift.
Those are turned into Photon's.
Now I haven't really figured this site out yet.
You get Photon's every time you sign in
but loose them just as quick.
It is impossible to keep them.
And if there is a way to keep them
I haven't figured it out yet.
But I'm excited cause I actually got something.
So you want to know what I got ..
I bet you do ...

Monster High
Lip Gloss necklace
Was listed for $6.00 with free shipping
I had just under that in Photon's
The seller sent me a gift that put me just over 
$6.00 worth of Photons.
I clicked buy that second.
Only thing I had to pay was the $1.20 Yardsellr slice
which is a fee they charge just to keep things going.
This same necklace goes for $8.99 on ebay plus $3.50 shipping

So did Miss Blue love her necklace.
Ummmm Yes of course she did.

She was beyond excited when she
 realized that there was lip gloss in it.
Blueberry flavored Yum!
And has already picked out her 
outfit for school tomorrow.
To color coordinate with her new necklace.
Such a stylish little ghouls she is!

I love that I made my little girls day for just over a dollar.


  1. We're glad to hear about this experience! I thought I could add a little nugget of useful information; you can pause your Photon$ count down by clicking the pause button ' || ' that you will see when you hover your mouse over your Photon$ balance towards the top of the screen at

    We enjoyed reading your blog, and hope that you continue to enjoy and build on your Yardsellr experience 8-)

    -Ryan (

  2. Thanks Ryan for stopping by and the nugget.
    I actually got another Yardsellr score the other day =)

    Waiting for it to arrive and I'll be writing another post!!!

    I'll give you a hint it's a Monster High item !!!