Saturday, June 23, 2012

Modcloth and Fashionspace

Have you heard of ModCloth.
They have the cutest clothes.
I have been drooling over some of their dresses
for some time now.
Fashionspace has teamed up with a few 
bloggers and was offering ModCloth giveaways.
Being a reader of Couture Carrie,
I was super excited when I saw she was 
having a ModCloth/Fashionspace giveaway.
The task at hand was to make a summer 
outfit that sizzled.
Go check out my outfit.
I loved it, and so did Carrie 
cause she picked me as one of her favorite outfits!
Which meant I won a $50 ModCloth credit!
I was beyond excited!
Yes this doll was smiling ear to ear.
So what did I get?????
Well I got lost in their site.
They have so many cute outfits, dresses, tops.

But I knew the dress I was going 
too get the second I saw it.

It's called the work with me dress.
And yes I fell in love with it.
I have a bit of a peter pan collar obsession
going on right now.
I just loved everything about this dress.
I read through all the reviews.
It was $49.99, my certificate would cover it!
I click add to bag.
I needed one more item to put me over $50.
I found the most adorable socks for $4.99.
Now the really cool thing when I was ordering,
once I typed in my email, my gift certificate came up.
The $50 was taken off my order leaving me at a total of $4.98.
For everything including shipping.
So guess what arrived today!

The box is adorable, I was so excited when
the mailman handed it to me.
Cause I knew exactly what it was.
The fabric of the dress was super soft.
I knew this was going to be a comfy dress.
Moment of truth time to try it on.
I love it.
My only complaint is that there seems 
to be a bit of extra fabric in the mid section.
When I walk it bunches up and doesn't look too nice.
But a quick snip and stitch will fix that.
This dress is beyond comfortable.
I love the collar and the shoulders.

They are actually pointed which rocks.
Just the extra added bit of style.
I am extremely happy with my decision
to get the Work With Me Dress.

It is tight and hugs all the right spots.
The waist ruffle is adorable.
Oh and lets not forget about those super cute socks.

These are the perfect socks, for my
platform Mary Jane's.
I have wanted a pair of ruffle socks for awhile.
And the fact that they are lace just makes 
me love them more.

I'm thinking this is going to be the perfect outfit
for my date night with the hubby next month!

I want to thank ModCloth,Fashionspace,
Had a a great time making my outfit 
and then picking out my dress.
You all have made this doll smile HUGE!