Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Birthday Express

Birthday Express is awesome!
It has so many great kids party theme's.
Fat Wallet recently had a giveaway,
where three winners won $100 gift
certificate to Birthday Express.
I'm excited to say that we were one of those winners!
Perfect timing too Merlyn's birthday is not to far away.
So me and the little guy sat down and went thru them all!
He started out with "I want a Flynn Rider birthday".
So searched Tangled, sadly it's only Rapunzel.
And as much as he loves her , there was none of
this guy!

So I tried Star Wars, Toy Story, Jake
and the Neverland Pirates, and the list goes on!
But he is 2 and a stubborn two year old at that,
and he said "NO FLYNN RIDER birthday"!

Oh man what am I going to do?
I have a $100 gift certificate to a birthday place.
But one thing that is super awesome about
Birthday Express is it has two joining stores,

So to make it fair I made sure everyone got something fun!
Yay, I knew I was going to get a costume.
Daddy got to pick out whatever he wanted.
So after going through every costume on the site.
(This took two full nights,
 they have a lot of awesome costumes)
We decided what we were going to get.
First we got two things for the little guy.
He already had a ton of costumes, 
so we got him something different.
Jaden got something cute, daddy got two things , 
and I got to pick out something too!
Well honestly it was a matter of day's,
and look what has arrived already!

So since Merlyn is into dragon slaying
like daddy, we thought he might
like to have this Suit of Armor in
his room.
This was $9.99.
Oh my this thing is huge!
Over 6 feet and looks so cool.
Just have to find a good spot to hide it,
till his birthday!

Merlyn also loves games
so we grabbed him the Dinosaur Train
Pop and Race Game.
Which I know he is going to love.

Now I warn you we hit up the
 costume sale pretty hard!
Miss Blue picked out a cute witch costume.
Which was originally $24.99 on sale for $9.99!
(it is now $14.99)

I picked out a Sassy Adult Jack Costume.
Which was originally $29.99 on sale for $26.99.
I saw this same one at Spirit for $49.99.
And let me tell you I love it.
Well the material not so much, but the actual style of it.
I tried it on, little bummed I 
got medium it is a bit big on me.
I should have gotten a small.
The skirt is more like a slip.
But I picked up a skirt today that
is going to be perfect for this costume.

It comes with a cute Jack headband and choker.
Oh and the socks, I love them!
They are glittery Jack heads.

I am happy with my decision for sure.
There are many ways I can make this costume perfect for me.

So Daddy picked out two costumes.

We got the shock rocker cause it was originally
$59.99 on sale for $9.99
(which I am glad we ordered when we did cause it is now $29.99)
If anything it would be a cool shirt for Daddy to wear. 
Only thing he doesn't like is the vest and shirt are connected.

Being that he is a huge horror fan he picked out
Clive Barker's Dark Bazaar- Scorn Cenobite Adult Costume
Originally $49.99 on sale for $34.99.

The material of the shirt is really nice.
Only thing that kills it is velcro's in the back.
I don't understand why all costumes have that,
but it will be easy enough to put in a zipper.
The tools are a thin plastic very flimsy,
but would make for a great mold.
I honestly though they were just printed on the shirt.
So it was neat they were actually separate.

They only had size XL my hubby is super tall and skinny.
But it fit him good, I was afraid it was 
going to be huge on him.
He was excited trying them on!

So if your looking to get your Halloween costume early,
go check out Costume Express.
They have a lot of their costumes discounted.
And don't forget to go and check out all the party
supplies at Birthday Express while your there.
The site is well organized and easy to navigate through.
There is something for everyone!

A Big Thank You to  Fat Wallet Birthday Express crews!
We are so excited and love everything.

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