Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Thanks to a Smile a Day Giveaways
email I was introduced
to Copious and received a $10 credit.
I love when sites do this and it is 
even better when there is
actually stuff for ten and under.
There is a ton of stuff for ten and under!
Hello Kitty Mac Eye Shadow
$7.99 free shipping.
Which means if you use that
 $10 free credit you get it for free.
If you don't go over $10 Copious 
will charge you .01 to verify the sale.

There is jewelry, hair bows, clothing,art and a lot more.

Some stuff isn't free shipping,
but a lot is.
This site is also great if you
 make things and want to sell them.
A lot of the stuff on their is hand made.
So a perfect place to showcase your art or jewelry.

With my free $10.00 credit I wanted to get something good.
I looked and looked, saw a few cool things,
but I decided to get this!

I am very happy with my decision.
 It is way bigger then expected, and super cute.
The bag is in great condition
 and inside looks brand new.
It is the perfect little hand bag for me.
So it was listed for $9.50
Sales tax was .57
Bringing me to a total of $10.07
I used my  $10 free credit and got it for .07

I'm excited I love Skelanimals.
This new would have been over $20.
Now the only problem is my little guy thinks it is his,
and wont leave it alone!

Want a free ten dollar credit to get something?

See something you want that is over ten, invite some friends.
When they make their first purchase you'll 
get a $5 credit up to $200.
But don't let your credits sit for too long.
They do have a expiration date!

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