Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fangtastic Storage Trunk

To end Miss Blue's big 7
we saved one last surprise.
It actually came from my dad.
We had it hidden all day.
 I made her a special birthday
batch of cupcakes, we sang happy birthday
for the second time had her blow out her candles
told her to make a good wish.
Daddy had hidden her surprise next to her chair.
So she blew out her candles I told her to look to the
left then look to the right.
I asked her if her wish had come true.
She had the biggest smile on her face grabbed it
and brought it over to the carpet.
So what was the surprise?
A Monster High Fangtastic Storage Trunk,
this thing is full of awesome.

Comes with a Skull Shores Frankie doll

Clawdee dress up shrug , 
tutu ,accessories pack

and a Monster High hanger

The look on her face was priceless.
I wish my dad could have seen how happy he made her.

Want your own Monster High Fangtastic Storage Trunk.
You can order online at Wallmart

Say's they are out of stock, but they might get more in.
This is a awesome deal you get all of this for $35.00
The dress up bundle goes for $21.94 (Wallmart)
Accessories set goes for $19.99(Toy's r Us)
Frankie Skull Shores doll $16.99(Toy's r Us)
Buying it separate it would cost you almost $60

The actual box could have been made better.
You can tell it is just cardboard under the fabric.
The fabric could have been thicker to , I think 
that would have made the box a lot nicer.
But I have no complaints about everything inside.
She now has Monster High hair ties,
 hair bows, colored hair extensions,
head band, leg warmers, 
hand warmers, and a brush.
Not to mention the super cute shrug and tutu.
The shrug is really cute on, she started dancing
around the second she put the outfit on.

So if you have a fabulous little ghoul,
this trunk set is well worth the money 
and makes the purrrrfect present!

Thanks Dad we love you!!!

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