Monday, July 22, 2013

The newest resurrected addition to our doll collection!

It is no secret that we love dolls in The Dollhouse.
Lately it has been full blown Monster High mania.
My first love in doll though is Living Dead Dolls.
That is the reason we are called The Dollhouse.
I joined a Monster High group on Facebook.
I really enjoy it and it had me looking
for a Living Dead Dolls group.
I am lucky to have found one
 that is full of fun collectors.
It is a great place to be where all
we talk about is dolls!
My kinda place for sure!

Being that Comic Con was going 
on all these amazing doll pictures were going around.
of the Resurrection 7 set.

And the variants oh dear I wanted them all.

Out of our whole collection of Living Dead Dolls
we only have one variant resurrection doll.
It is the one Miss Blue won 
in the Halloween contest and it's
the highlight of our collection.
I was really excited to see a post
about Miss Heide putting up a set of her 
variant resurrection 7 on sale.
My heart kinda skipped a beat.
I messaged her without even thinking about it.
It was Lust and Revenant which would 
both be an amazing addition to the doll collection.
Not only was this a set of variant resurrection set
but an exclusive Comic Con release!
Of course I had to get the ok from hubby.
All it took was a quick text and he gave me the ok.

This was a smooth easy transaction with Miss Heide.
She shipped that day and they arrived today.
We are so excited!
I can not thank you enough Heide 
for this great new addition to the collection.

 I know you are all dying to see the dolls.
First do know Luke will not let me open these EVER!
But I am ok with that, the ones we buy that are
sealed stay that way and the ones open I can play with.
It was cute because Luke was just as excited as I was.
The silver coffins got us both smiling.

The original Lust was a 
naughty devil girl.

Resurrection Lust 

Variant Resurrection Lust

I am so excited that we now have the variant Lust.
Of course I prefer the black nun suit
with those little red horns popping out the top.
Check out those eyes!

As for the Revenant  I absolutely love 
the variant one.
Original Revenant

Resurrected Revenant
 Variant Resurrection Revenant


We are beyond lucky to get our hands
on these dolls since they are limited edition and sold out!
Once again Heide you rock!
The Dollhouses collection got a lot creepier today.

They have a special spot in the 
dead doll dining room.
We thought it was fitting to put Lust with
our other 7 deadly sins dolls.
We made that  the resurrected corner.

This now puts our Living Dead Doll 
collection at 103 and ever growing!
My love is going to put up some
 more doll shelves this week!

Miss Blue has been out of town.
She will be back the end of the week.
We have a special Teh Dollhouse Girls 
for you next week so make sure to watch!
Thanks for stopping by The Dollhouse.

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