Friday, July 26, 2013

Inside the Dollhouse....

As I sit here in my dining room
surrounded by creepy little faces,
it makes me smile.
It was not always this way...
Before my love entered my life my collection
was small and all fit on my dresser.
My first Living Dead Doll came from 
a dear friend of mine Skelatrona.
Miss Blue and I went to her 
house for a fun weekend.
The night we arrived we 
played the Living Dead Dolls game.
The next day we had
 poisoned tea party photoshoot.
It was so much fun!
We got so many great pictures and
had a wonderful time.
As I was leaving Skelly gave me my 
first Living Dead Doll as a thank you.
It was Jubilee, I was beyond thrilled.
And just like that a doll collector was created.
I had a rule though that I was not 
allowed to buy the dolls they
had to be a gift.
I received a few Apple dolls and
Living Dead Dolls from friends.
If you know me you know I love dolls!
Wait let me rephrase that I love CREPPY dolls.
When I was little I had a few baby dolls.
My obsession didn't start till I was older.
When I was living at my dads,
my love started with the doll spoiling.
Package after package of dolls.
I had no idea what he had in store for me.
When I first moved in with him I had
a good amount of dolls.
Due to all the doll packages he sent me.
Over the years we lucked out 
and bought a few collections from friends.
Even got more of Skellys dolls.
Which made me happy cause she was the
main reason I started collecting.

We have been married for 4 going on 5 years.
And every holiday, birthday or as a special Thank You,
 I get a doll or dolls.
We have just hit 103 Living Dead Dolls.
When we first moved into this house it was decided 
that the dining room was going to be
the dead doll dining room.

We officially have moved out of the dining
room and we put up two shelves in the foyer.
I am really lucky that not only does my love accept
my doll obsession, but he joins in.
Doll hunting is something we do as a family.
Our collection is pretty impressing.
We have hard to find dolls,rare, and oldies but goodies.
Now with Monster High in the mix.
The kids are 100% into it too.
We truly are The Dollhouse now!

So I bet you are wondering 
why I call myself Teh Doll.
Just to clarify it is not a typo, just a nickname.
Although the person who gave me the nickname
was just passing thru my life the nickname stuck.
I always dressed up as a dead doll
 for Halloween, and collect dolls.
So it was perfect!
Instead of being The Doll and sounding like
I take myself way too seriously.
Teh Doll is a bit quirky and just 
emphasizes Doll.
I always loved it too when someone called me doll.
Instead of hun or dear, doll was the
one that made me light up.
Before Teh Doll 
it was Darkgothdoll.
Which is terribly too long and doesn't
have a nice ring to it.
I regretted that screen name right after I made it.
I was happy to get rid of DGD and
go with something shorter.
Then I did something silly that 
is the reason I will have 
Teh Doll nickname for life.
I got it tattooed on my wrist.
 My bestie Evil Miss Blue tattooed it.
She drew the doll for me.
Even gave her a blue bunny to represent Miss Blue.

This tattoo will always bring back good memories.
It means so much to me that
she was the one who tattooed it.

I kinda love it!
It makes me smile.
She used my favorite font as well.
Having a cyber alias rocks!

Since this doll likes to dabble with
photo editing it seems a lot is doll themed.
Here are a few of my fav doll pics.
I took and/ or photoshop.
Dolllllllls on the BRAIN!

I made my besties!

One day I will make this set for real!
It is over 120 layers on photoshop...

My whole computer is filled with pics.
I could be here all day posting pics.

My husband is amazing.
I love him dearly.
The dolls are just the icing on the cake.
When you are in the dead doll dining room and
look around you can feel the love.
I know I do!
My love didn't have to buy me any of  these dolls.
But he did out of the kindness in his heart.
Just to make his wife smile.
I am such a lucky doll!

The collection is ever growing so keep
a eye out for our new additions....
And more DOLL pics!!!!

That folks is why we are called
Life in The Dollhouse!

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