Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Miss Blue's Dollhouse and a special THANK YOU!!!

Out of all the gifts that Miss Blue
received for her birthday her
favorite present was her new dollhouse.

Nana and Papa did a great job!
It was full of little presents.
It just made her day.
Since the dollhouse is a bit small for
Monster High dolls I suggested
Lalaloopsy dolls.
Nana paints bright fun colors.
It is something really fun for her to have
in her room to play with.
Most days Miss Blue is having tea parties 
or putting on Loopsy shows.

Come watch 
Teh Dollhouse Girls new video.
Miss Blue give you a peek in her dollhouse.

All the crazy commotion in the
 back ground is Might M.
He was super charged yesterday.
Sorry for all the rustling and banging.
You can hear him singing in his room
if you listen close enough.

Yesterday Miss Blue received 
a package from PezGirl.

I knew it was from her because of all the
darling drawings all over the package.

The items inside excited Blue.
Her face lite up.

Miss Blue was looking at this 
exact bracelet at Toy's r Us the other day.
PezGirl how did you know???

The magnets went straight on the fridge.

My favorite had to be the birthday card.
It was so adorable.

I love all the details that were put into this picture.
The skullet necklace, barbie bow and even the
details on the dress.

The inside was Miss Blue's favorite part.
The smile on her face was huge.

She is going to keep these forever!
It kinda blew her mind that she drew her.
Miss Blue was very impressed with the drawings.

PezGirl is also helping us with our
Teh Dollhouse Girls logo.
I love this!
A tea party with bone cookies, how perfect!

I truly love this, it makes me smile.
Thank You so much Miss Erin Jones aka PezGirl.

Want to check out more of PezGirls art
go to:

In a few days we are headed off to the pageant.
Leave Miss Blue some good luck comments.
Tips and tricks to shaking off stage fright.
She is starting to get a little nervous.
Cheer her on!
Send some positive vibes.......

We will be back next week!
Thanks for stopping by....

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