Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Monster High Birthday WINNERS!!!

Sorry I am late posting this..
But better late then never right.

The prize is this  Monster High Skullet necklace.

Miss Blue seriously loves hers and she
thought it would be the perfect prize.
So the two lucky ghouls who have won can think
about her when they are rocking their new
skullet necklace.
She personally picked this prize!
I want one they are so nice.
The pink gems on the bow are just darling.

Making it perfect for any ghoul.

Drummmmmm rollllll please..
And the winners are!!!!
Watch the video to find out.
Thank you so much to everyone who entered.
We had a lot of fun!!!
There will be more GIVEAWAYS
in the future!!!

Winners I will be emailing you
sometime today.
Keep a eye on your email.

The ruffling noise you hear you hear is Mighty M.
We have a cabinet in our dinning room and
he was playing in it.
The battery was dead in the video 
camera so we had to record plugged in.
That is why we are at a weird angle.
And the reason my head is also cut off a bit at times.

Next couple week are going to 
be a bit crazy for us..
But we will be back when all the pageant stuff is over...
Send Miss Blue some positive thoughts 
and luck next weekend!
Her nerves are starting to take over.
We are excited though!

More fangtastic doll reviews to come....
Lots more freaky fabulous fun to be had....

Thanks for stopping by The Dollhouse!

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