Thursday, June 20, 2013

Miss Blue's 8th birthday was fangtastic!

Where has the time gone?
It seems like it was only yesterday 
I was holding my sweet little Blue.
She is now 8.
About to start 3rd grade.
But we had to make this years birthday
a super fun one for her.

She requested we spend her birthday
on the beach.
So off to the beach we went.
It was really nice.
We rented a cabana which 
made the beach even more relaxing.
On the way home we
stopped at Steak and Shake.
Birthday milkshakes was also
one of her birthday requests.
We also picked up a ice cream
birthday cake on the way home.
She got to open two presents that night.
The day after her birthday we
spent at the aquarium.
It was a great day!
Miss Blue was showered with gifts!
Come watch 
Teh Dollhouse Girls latest video.

We recorded on Tuesday,
but I decided to just wait till Friday to post.
One of her gifts will be the prizes
to the Monster High birthday giveaway.
Just to give you a hint.

We had the party on the Sunday
 following her birthday.

Just so everyone could make it.
Daddy and I decorated all night Saturday.
When she woke up the next morning,
the place was all Monster Highed out!
I started baking and made
 really awesome yummy cupcakes.
I didn't end up making a monster high cake
this year instead she got a huge cupcake.
With cotton candy icing and real cotton candy on top.
Her eyes lit up when she saw it.
The party table looked really good.

Miss Blue really liked the cupcakes a lot!

After some pizza and chips with dip.
It was present time!

Miss Blue had a FANGTASTIC birthday.
She keeps saying how much fun she had.
And how she loved all her presents!
Miss Blue is very lucky to have such a amazingly
wonderful family that loves to make her smile.
We love you guys!

Remember this is a to be continued....
She got a mega present that is a
post and show all on it's own!
Look for it soon!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway,
we are getting close to the end.
Make sure you are entering on
rafflecopter and leaving a birthday comment
on this video!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We did take a week break from the internet 
to celebrate Miss Blue's birthday week.
Us ghouls have a lot of fun things
planned for over the summer.
Stay Tuned!

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