Saturday, July 6, 2013

A dead doll and a vampire bunny... Photoshoot in The Dollhouse

Around 3 O'clock today
I got the urge to take some pictures.
Told the kiddies to go and put on a costume.
Anything they wanted, they have a huge
overflowing dress up bin.
I was curious to see what each of them would pick.
Mighty M put on his tuxedo jacket and 
some bunny ears.
I thought it was adorable.
Miss Blue put on a fancy dress.
Then they both asked to be turned 
into vampires.
Which I thought was double adorable.
A vampire bunny and a vampire doll.
I love it!
These two total get me, I mean 
cute and spooky doesn't get any better than that.
They  both asked for stitches and blood.
Miss Blue even asked for me
to make it look like her mouth
was sewn shut.
Kinda surprised me but I thought it
was a great creepy idea.
I wish though I hadn't put blood
on Blue it kinda messed up her stitches.
She ended up with a dead doll look.
Mighty M was running around the house
with a big smile on his face.
He loved his bunny nose.

Now to get a picture of Mighty M 
with his eyes open is close to impossible
with the flash on.
Most of the pictures I had to turn the flash off.
It was fun though and they both 
were totally into it.
These two are just so amazing
to me I love their little faces.

We got some great shots too!
Here are a few of my favorites.

Miss Blue had such intensity in her eyes.
I was very impressed with her today.
Mighty M was cute as a button.
I feel so lucky to spend
everyday with these little darlings.
It was a great day in The Dollhouse today!
Tomorrow is Daddy's day off , yay!
Maybe we can get some pictures of the whole family.
Since I am in a shutterbug mood.

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