Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vamplets Kickstarter comic with Teh Dollhouse Girls

It has arrived!
I made a pledge to help the 
Vamplets Kickstarter program.
They hit their goal of course because 
the world defiantly needs more VAMPLETS!
I am excited to have this part of 
The Dollhouse Collection of goodies.
Miss Blue and I read it today.
It ended arriving to Gloomvania
When we were done we wanted more.
Can't wait for issue two to come out!
Come watch 
Teh Dollhouse Girls review
on the new Vamplets comic.

Not only did we receive the comic,pin and pdf file.

My name will be forever on the list of people that helped.
The Vamplets thank you page.
Which I think is pretty darn awesome!

My two must have Vamplets are 

and the Ghost pony

Although I have to admit I liked
the drawing of the ghost pony a bit more then
the actual pony.

I apologize for the late posting
of today's video.
We are battling a wicked stomach virus.
It seems to be finally leaving and we were up
to recording today.
But I had to wait for the pee wee's to 
go to sleep before I could edit.
And look at that it is already Saturday.

Go Vamplets facebook page!
The contest for the pdf already ended.
I took to long but hey they always have giveaways!
So it is defiantly a creeptastic page to like!

Speaking of giveaways.
Make sure to enter the giveaway if you haven't.
Those of you that have ROCK!
Miss Blue gets a huge smile on her face every 
birthday comment she reads!

Thanks for stopping by The Dollhouse!

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