Saturday, February 2, 2013

Miss Florida OPEN CALL- We are going!

As I am cleaning my kitchen I find a stack of mail.
I go through it and find a letter from 
National American Miss.
On a whim I open it to read:
Your daughter has been referred and invited
to the open call for the 
National American Miss Florida State Pageant.
I kept reading to find out it was all free.
And included is a FREE
photoshoot, digital copies and the copyrights.
So I ask Miss Blue is she wants to go and
she gets all excited and says "YES"!

I did a bit of Googling
cause I like to do my homework.
This company is actual a really big pageant company.
Not every little girl gets invited to this thing.
Miss Blue was nominated by someone.
At least that is the information I found in cyberland.
But it seems that a lot of other moms 
are really excited their little girls got picked.
I know Miss Blue is super special
and it makes me smile to know
 someone else thinks the same.

I pre-registered for her cause,
 I figured we have nothing to lose.
If anything it will be a fun Mommy and Blue day.
Since it is on a Sunday,
 little dude can stay home with Daddy.
And the girls get to go off and have fun.
She gets a professional photo shoot.
Meets other little girls her age,
and hangs out with beauty queens all day.
It is a WIN WIN.
I know the last pageant
Miss Blue was in was a lot of fun.
She is dying to do another one.
Even if she doesn't end up getting picked as a finalist.
It is still just something to boost
her confidence and make her smile.
We are IN!

She needs to dress snappy and
get ready for her first interview.

Whoever nominated her and gave her this opportunity
She appreciates the vote of confidence.

Go check out the site


  1. My daughter had been invited to this as well.
    She had a great time and enjoyed being pampered for a day.

    The only drawback to it was she was basically a newbie and many of the other girls had been in many previous pageants so the dresses were by far extreme and other girls knew how to walk and sell it. You know?

  2. Thanks for the reply. Yeah Miss Blue is a newbie too. I do know what you mean though. Honestly I rather her not be polished and just a sweet 7 year old. She is excited though a day of pampering sounds like fun and she has been doing great in school so this is a great reward for her. =)