Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We got our vote in!

We got our vote in..
And it was easier then we expected..
Let me first start off with I am
very antisocial.
I get panic attacks when put 
in situations where I am surrounded
by people I don't know.
I was not looking forward to standing on the voting line.
But lets back track a bit.
This was the first time I have ever voted.
I registered years ago but didn't end up voting.
The fear of standing in line with all those people
got the best of me.
This election though I felt really 
strongly about who I wanted to win and
who I opposed.
I was at story time with my son and
 the voter registration lady was there.
I filled out my form and left with a smile.
Now my husband on the other hand 
procrastinated and waited till the last minute to register.
And if it wasn't for my putting a little 
bit of fire under his butt I doubt he would have 
made the dead line.
But the good news is he did.
I made sure of that.
We both received our cards
in the mail shortly.
But I was starting to get nervous
voting day was getting close.
I was not looking forward to the line
or trying to keep a 3 year old occupied 
while we were waiting.
Luckily we were at the library for another story time.
I saw a poster on the wall ballot by mail.
I quick ran over and got the pamphlet.
Took it home and read it over.
There was a web site on it.
Went filled out a form.
Then had my husband do the same.
Our absentee ballots  arrived in a few days.
On Friday night after we put the kids to bed.
We got out ballots and filled them out.
In the comfort of our own home.
Without being rushed, intimidated, or having to wait.
And from this point on we will receive our ballots in the mail.
And I am so glad!
I no longer have to fear being around all those
people and standing in line.
I filled out my ballot, sealed and signed.

That being said, there is no reason not to vote.
I mean the ballot comes to your house,
Then we dropped it off at the library ballot box.
It was as easy as mailing a letter.

We got our vote in!
Did you?
Today is the day.
Be apart of the % that 
is exercising their freedom to vote!

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