Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Target 90% off Halloween goodies...

I love Halloween!
I get so excited when I see all the spooky
stuff in the stores.
But I usually hold out till it starts to get discounted
before I buy any of it.
There are always a few things I grab 
when it goes down 30% then 50%.
Somethings don't make it to 90% off.
But despite that I always get tons
 of awesome goodies for so cheap.
My total today was $14.79 for all this.
Just to show you how big I scored.
The Monster High wig before discount was $15.00
as was the Glow in the Dark decals
was $14.99 before discount.
I got all of this for the price of just one of those items.

22 items for $14.79.
Savings $117.90, this makes me smile.
I got a few pairs of socks and tights for me and Blue
all for .50 and under..
Monster High wig sealed in package. - $1.50
Wensday wig sealed in package.- $1.00
Daphney Scooby Doo wig-.80 cents
 not sealed but 
had to get it Miss Blue LOVES her.
The two packages of glow in the dark decals. $1.49 each
4 spooky kiddie section plates. .29 cents each
A bat sippy cup for .29 cents.
2 Zombie blood set and  1 staples necklace bracelet set. .50 a package
Halloween Twister game- .80
Cupcake liners - .19 cents

Now the secret of Target clearance
 shopping is looking for those
carts with a bunch of random items.
If it weren't for those I would 
have just came home today with the 4 kiddie plates.
The shelves were pretty empty.
There was 5 carts of random stuff at my Target.
I was so excited.
I dug thru them all.
And as you see scored some goodies.
I had my eye on a few of these things so to get them for
so cheap is awesome!
Not matter how picked through the Halloween stuff is,
it seems I always score big when it hits 90%.
Usually I am there at opening but today I went at noon-ish.
And still came home with two full bags
of Halloween goodies and saved over $100.


  1. now that's a great bargain!! I'm so jealous!xx

  2. I actually ran back to Target and got a skull glow in the dark pillow and a woody costume. Total $4.00 saved $39! =) It is the cheap stuff that excites me hehe..