Saturday, November 3, 2012

I am THANKFUL for...

Being that November is upon us..
The month to give thanks...
I have seen a few bloggers part of the Thankful challenge.
Instead of doing that I am going to share the things
 I am thankful for in one blog post.
But do know I am thankful everyday, year round.

The list is in no particular order.
For each adds to my happiness
and enjoyment of my life in their own way.

I am thankful for our happy ending.

Me and my husband had a rough road,
to get where we are today.
But it is truly a happily ever after story.
I am thankful for how much he loves me,
all the sweet things he says and does.
I am thankful that it is him I am going to
be spending the rest of my life with.
We are going to grow old together,
and share many laughs and good times
 through the years ahead.
I am thankful we have a happy loving marriage.
I am thankful that we really have love.
I am thankful we snuggle every night.
I am thankful to wake up in the same bed every morning.
I am thankful that my husband is my best friend.

I am thankful we have created a
 happy loving home for our children.
I am thankful for what a great parenting team we make.
I am thankful that my husband is an amazing daddy.
I am thankful for how vivid both
 the pee wee's imaginations are.
I am thankful for how much they love each other.
I am thankful Merlyn entered our life and 
we gave Miss blue the best present ever.
I am thankful for how strong  our
 family has grown over the years.
I am thankful for all the fun Sundays we have.
I am thankful both the pee wee's love to learn.
I am thankful for the HIPPY program, I 
have met some really great people and helped my little ones.
I am thankful that Miss Blue is loving second grade.

I am thankful the terrible two's are over.
I am thankful there was a cure.
I am thankful the kids are so amazingly wonderful.
I am thankful they are happy and healthy.
I am thankful I have been able to 
be a stay at home mom for the last 7 years.
I am thankful I haven't missed a thing.
I am thankful it is only a scar.
I am thankful for how sweet and loving the kids are.
I am thankful that they both are
 so much fun to spend my days with.
I am thankful my hubby is
 so hardworking to supports us all.
I am thankful that he has a great boss.
That has built his confidence in the workplace.
Making sure he is able to support his family.
I am thankful to have a car that 
doesn't over heat every few minutes.
I am thankful  for my friends.
I live far from them but I know
 they are just a phone call away.
I am really thankful when they come to see me.
I am thankful for my Posinous bestie,
who honestly saved my life.

I am thankful for the relationship I have with my dad.
We have been at odds in the past but things have been good.
He is a wonderful papa and the kids love him dearly.
I only wish he lived closer.
I am thankful he has someone
 in his life that makes him happy.
I am thankful for having such a AMAZING mother in-law.
She is truly my friend and we love her dearly,
best nana in the world hands down.
Papa Tim is pretty GREAT too. 
I am thankful we have such a loving supportive family.
I am thankful Jess and Kathleen are closer 
so the kids can grow up and play together.
I am thankful we got such a great deal on our house,
and we have a nice sized roof over our heads.
I am thankful my husband has spoiled me with dolls 
since we have been together.
I am thankful for all the prizes and giveaways, I have won.
It feels really great to be able to contribute 
to the family in some way.
I am thankful to fit in size 1 jeans.
I am thankful my hubby is extremely turned on by 
me and he lets me know it!
I am thankful to live where it rarely gets cold.
I am thankful to have the beach close.
Even though we don't go as much as we should.
I am thankful me and my husband are on the same page.
I am thankful to have removed the toxic people in my life.
I am thankful I wake up smiling.
I am thankful for my tattoo's 
but seriously need more ink!
I am thankful for my cupcake maker.
It is seriously awesome and makes the best cupcakes.

I am thankful for being out of the dark into the light.
Most of my life I was depressed and addicted to bad things.
I have no need for sadness or chemicals in my life.
I am thankful to wake up with excitement, happiness , 
and love running through
my veins and no need for anything else.
I am thankful they were able to bring me back to life.
I would have missed out on the last 10 years.
It makes me sad to think about that, 
but I am extremely thankful to be here!
I am thankful for all the love, happiness, friendships, kisses,
hugs, laughs, cupcakes, tickles, smiles, cuddles, games, wins,
milestones, family get together's, visits from my dad, 
packages at the door, bedtime stories, cuddle dates, 
my awesome little family, and the list goes on and on.....

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