Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Monster High Winner!

You remember last last month 
when I told you all about the 
Walmart Monster High scavenger hunt.
It was uber lame and I felt so bad for Miss Blue.
I was really hoping to make it up to her by winning
a Monster High Prize pack.
I put in a few extra tweets here and there.
I was super excited when I recieved a email 
The headline was 
You won the "Monster High" giveaway!

Eeeep I got a huge grin on my face. 
There was three winners. 
I didn't win the Monster High prize pack but I 
won the next best thing.
A $25 Walmart card.
Which I think ended up being the better prize.
It arrived yesterday, I was so excited.
We had just enough time to 
run to Walmart and pick some
Monster High goodies out.
Miss Blue has been doing really good
in school and helping out 
a lot around the house so this was 
going to be a special treat for her.
I told her she could pick out anything she
wanted as long as it was Monster High.
Her face lit up!
Our first stop was the Monster High section
in the toy department.
There selection of dolls 
was dissapointing.
They had none of the Ghouls Rule dolls
or the Scary Tale ones.
Which were the ones she really wanted.
She did grab a  Monster High
Skultimate Roller Maze Frankie doll.
We then headed over to the girls clothing section.
They had two super cute Monster High outfits.
I told her she could get one outfit and the doll.
She tried them both on.
Then she decided she wanted both outfits
and would wait on the doll.
I was really proud of her,
thought she made a great choice.
They were $12.97 a piece she did 
go over $25 by a few dollars but
I was glad to chip in.

I am a little bummed though the 
one outfit just came with regular black pants.
Nothing Monster High on them.
I wish they would of had  a
 Monster High logo on it or something.
But the other outfit is 100% Monster High!
Today she mixed matched the two outfits
and rocked it at school!

She said everyone at school 
was crazy about her outfit.
I could feel the confidence shining off her today.
A BIG THANK YOU to Brett from Mama Loves Her Bargains.
You have made my little monster extremely happy!


  1. oh, how wonderful! i'm glad she's enjoying it all :)

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