Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My newest LDD Beelzebub

Every year for my birthday I like
to get a new doll for the collection.
This year there was so many good ones to choose from.
I had my eye on a few.
Quack from series 23

Rotten Sam and Sandy


The four horsemen of the Apocalypse

I searched all over the internet for the best prices.
And to my surprise Amazon
was the winner.
I usually get my dolls from Ebay
or Sinister Collections.
In the past Amazon usually has the 
dolls way over priced.
But I checked anyway and boy was I glad I did.

I could have gotten the Rotten Sam and Sandy set
for $44 including shipping.
That is a steal considering that at
Spencers and Hot Topic they now are sold for 
$30 a piece.

Quack was $25.99
with free shipping.

The four horsemen was $97.99.
This is a super price for the set.
Making it about $24.49 a doll.

But I fell in love with Beelzebub.
Just the way he looked.
His face is so sick looking.
Oh and he was only $18.00
plus $4.99 shipping.

So after much thought.
I ordered Beelzebub.
Payed $23 and change for him.
Can you say SCORE!!!

Well he arrived yesterday.
And I must say I love him even
more now that I see him in the real.
He is so adorably spooky.

The first thing that caught my eye 
was his big sparkly red eyes on his hood.
His face is perfect too.
I was so happy with how he looked.

He is in a furry black suit and
has black tights and no shoes.

He is the perfect new addition.
I am very happy with my selection.
He looks great on the shelf.

The coffin is just a plain black one.
His chipboard poem reads:
With insect wings and big red eyes. 
He might like poop, some would summise.
 High in rank, a bellion of pint size.
 He is the one known as the lord of the flies.
You remember that we were given a
 teaser for this series before it came out.

The rest of his series I wasn't to crazy about.
The way I collect dolls is I only get the ones I really like.
So I most likely wont be getting the rest of his series.
But that is ok cause as all of you doll collectors know.
Mezco/LDD comes out with so many living dead dolls a year.
I can pick and choose and still have a awesome collection.

Must have for the collections.
Quack (The whole Tea party really)
Rotten Sam and Sandy
Frankenstein and Bride
Hit Girl
and many more!!!

Have you gotten any new dolls lately?

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