Monday, October 22, 2012

American Horror Story- Asylum

Having premiered October 17th.
This is the second of the anthology series.
But before I start to talk about Asylum.
Let recap the first season.
Season Ones theme was INFIDELITY.
Ben cheated on Vivian with one of his students.
They move in hopes to fix their marriage.
Unfortunately they move into 
a haunted Victorian home.
Sex, depression, revenge, lies, the unknown,
and sinister next door neighbor.
This season hooked me in.
I will admit though I was confused a lot.
The characters were well written.
My favorite was Tate.
Even if he ended up being the man 
in the black rubber suit.
(Have no clue what I am talking about go watch the first season.)

This show was spooky and interesting.
Not knowing who was alive and who was dead.
The ending though I felt lacked something.
I was expecting more I guess.
The explanation was just short and then it was over.

Now the second season has started.

I finally got a chance to watch it last night.
And I must say OH MY!
First off I am very excited that not only
is Jessica Lang playing Sister Jude.
But a few other actors are back from season one.
Evan Peters is playing Kit - The famous Bloody Face.
Zachary Quinton will be playing Dr Oliver Threadson.
(you would know him from Heros as Sylar.)
Taking place in 1964 .
Giving us a look into  Briarcliff Mental Institution.
Just from watching the first episode.
I can tell this season is going to be more
bloody, gruesome, and demented.
It starts off with a honeymoon couple going
to explore the abandoned institution.
Then it flashes to 1964.
We meet Sister Jude and get introduces to all the madness.
Kit aka Bloody Face has been emitted. 
We get a peek at the torcher Dr Arthur Arden
puts the patients through in the name of science.
But we also know something far more sinister is
to blame for the death of Kit's wife.
The nosiey report has been caught and
will be getting more then she bargained for.
We also get flashes of modern time.
Which shows us a bloody Adam Levine,
and a horrified wife running for her life.
(I have to be honest I don't really like the sex scene stuff
or the hack em slash them, so I fast forward through that part, not really sure
what happened)
The asylum is dark and eerie.
They did a great job setting the mood.
There is a lot going on this season
so I am defiantly interested to see what happens!
And once again I am HOOKED!

American Horror Story Asylum is on FX  Wendsday at 10.
Also go and check out the FX AHS site.
All sorts of goodies to explore.

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