Sunday, October 21, 2012

Monster High Scavenger Hunt- Turned out to be not that fabulous!

It is no secret that we love Monster High 
in The Dollhouse.
I was super excited when I heard
that Monster High was going to be 
having a scavenger hunt at Walmart.

I check to see if the one by us was participating
and it was!
Me and Blue have been excited about this
all week.

Miss blue got all decked out in her Monster High
stuff , and looked awesome..
We left the boys at home cause this was girl time.
Not sure about anything other then it started at 1:00.
Luckily we went in the right entrance.
In the Halloween section by the candy 
was a booth with Monster High stuff on it.
I said to Blue "this must be it".
So we waited for a few seconds.
Then two Walmart workers came over.
One complimented Blue on her outfit 
then goes "here you want one of these?"
Miss Blue got excited.
She handed her this clear goodie
 bag with some stuff in it.
I asked the lady about the scavenger hunt and
what all was going to go on.
She said it just to show you were the movie 
and dolls are.
She tried to hand me the movie.
Then kinda sent Blue on her way.
I was bummed and I know Blue was even more bummed.
We had been excited all week for this.
And it was a BIG disappointment!
 I know you are wondering 
what was in the goodie bag.
- a business card  with a code on it

Which unlocked this page.

- a paper with the Scavenger hunt on it

- a small Monster High temp tattoo

and a red crayon.

Non the less it was still Monster High stuff
so Blue was still excited.
I told her to just cut off the Walmart part 
of the paper and frame it.
That would look awesome next to her
 Monster High shelf.

But shame on you Walmart and Monster High
for putting out all this hype 
for something awesome and 
not delivering.
There was so much talk all over the forums
of the different things it could have been.
We are your fans you want to keep us happy.

I would have been beyond thrilled if
you gave out Halloween candy bags.
Instead it was a clear small bag.

For those of you that weren't able to make 
it you didn't miss much.
And those of you that did go, were
you as disappointed as us?

Here is the new Monster High
Ghouls Rule!
Grab your little girl and watch it..
Hopeful this makes her smile!

I more then ever want to win the Monster High 
prize pack now.
To make up for today!

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