Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Honeycat Cosmetics

Calling all you SEXY felines.
Honeycat offers products ranging from emollient
 rich bath bombs, sassy lip balm, 
delicious edible body powder,
 body lotions, creams,  bubble bath,  bath salts ,
milk bath and that is just naming a few.
Their goal is to make bath time an event and to bring
out your frisky side.
All natural and never tested on animals.

This company is so hip.
I love all the names of the products.
For example their shower gels names are
- On the Prowl
-You got to be Kitten Me
-Blood Sudz
There is an emphasis on the cat as a symbol of female sexuality,
 and sensuality.
 All of the products relate figuratively, 
colloquially, or literally to the cat. 

Seriously cute!
With Christmas coming up they have great gift sets too,
they would make for the Purrrrrrfect present !

I got a Honeycat surprise in the mail yesterday.
My ups man handed me a small box.
I wasn't sure what it was at first.
Then I saw the Honeycat logo,
and smelt something sweet.
Then it hit me I must have been picked as
one of the 5 winners for the Frisky Friday giveaway.

I was excited!
I have been a fan of them for a long time.
I just love the style.
In my box was a 
Cat on a Hot Tin candle.
The smell of this candle was amazing.
I mean I smelt it through the box.
Oh I adore the box, it had 
the sexy Honeycat logo.

It is a coconut milk / mango pure soy candle.
And it smells amazingly good!!!
I have not even lit it yet, I have it just sitting by my bed. 
My whole room smells sweet.
You can tell just by looking at it that this 
candle is made of good stuff. 

I can't wait to get my  paws on some more
Honeycat products.
I am seriously impressed!
I love how the theme is carried out,
from the packaging to the name.

Go check out the Honeycat Cosmetics site.

Don't forget to like them on Facebook too.
Support a truly unique company.
They have frisky Fridays giveaways!
(after the Holidays this will pick up again)

Thank you

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  1. these look adorable, I love packaged sets for gifts it makes it so much more personable and cute :)

    Stay pretty, and please enter our ELF Disney Giveaway