Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Magnum Ice Cream Bars

I have a new addiction.
It comes on a stick and covered 
with chocolate.

Magnum Bars
They come in a variety
of flavors.

-Double Chocolate
-Double Caramel

I have tried the dark, double chocolate and caramel.
And oh my!!!
I have a new favorite sweet treat.
They are so good.
I mean yes of course it is chocolate and ice cream.
But these bars are seriously heavenly.
The silky vanilla bean ice cream
is light and delicious.
The Belgium chocolate takes
these over and beyond other
 ice cream bars.

Launched in 89
Magnum bars were the first
hand held ice cream 
targeted for adults.
I can't believe these have been around
since 89 and I just know 
and finding out about them.
My taste buds are mad at me!

I have some advice.
If you see a Magnum Bar coupon in the paper
If you see a Magnum Bar coupon online
If you see Magnum Bars on sale at the store

I know they are buy one get one
at Publix this week.

The only two Cons are
Three in a package is just not enough.
My son always steals my bar.
I never get to eat a full one
unless the kiddies are asleep!

They are just that GOOD!!!!!

If I am stressed out they calm me down.
If I am craving chocolate they take care of it.
If I am in a blah mood  they cheers me up.

So since they are Buy One Get One..
I had to swing by Publix to get some
since I ate my last bar last night.
They were completely sold out!

Lucky for me there was another Publix
on the way home.
And yes I got the last two boxes.
A box of mint and mocha-chino ones.
So they are now completely sold out too!
I guess I am not the only one that
LOVES the Magnum Bars!

I warn you though,
once you have one!
You might crave them daily!
I know I do!

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