Friday, September 14, 2012

A box of ParaNorman awesomeness

It is no secret I love SPOOKY stuff.
I mean my house is full of LDD's.
My kitchen is Halloween themed.
When I saw the preview for ParaNorman
I got excited.

Ghost and zombies looks awesome right!
The makers of Coraline bring us
another stop still animated movie.
Which I loved by the way!
I got even more excited when I 
saw the prize pack for the movie.

ParaNorman movie giveaway
Pack is valued at $65.00 and includes:

·         Freaky Fun Cupcake Kit
·         Youth T-Shirt
·         Backpack
·         Activity Book & Activity Sheet
·         Keychain
·         Notebook
·         Pencil Pack with stickers
·         Nightlight
·         Slippers
·         Toothbrush

I know my husband has been wanting a pair
of zombie slippers for awhile.
That was the first thing that caught my eye.
Oh and the zombie head toothbrush.
Just like the one from the movie.

I entered this giveaway with
my fingers and toes crossed.
And to my surprise I was picked
as one of the winners on 
This was something I really wanted
so I was super excited to receive that 
email from Kendra.

And guess what showed up today!!!!
A big box of ParaNorman AWESOMENESS!!!!

All the goods on the table.

I think Daddy is going to love his slippers.
These are official ParaNorman 
zombie slippers!

He totally loves them put them on 
right when he got home from work.

Cool night light, I love the font they used.
I turned it on, it's one of those color changing ones.
So coooool!

Mommy's new zombie head toothbrush.
Yes you heard me I CALLED IT!
Although I know my husband is going to 
try and steal it..
And of course Daddy got home from work and stole it...
I guess I will let him have it just cause I 
love him.

Miss Blue loves her new shirt.

Little guy claimed the backpack as his.
He kept going Mommy I love 
my zombie backpack.

The key ring went right on our key chain.

Then inside the box of ParaNorman awesomeness
was another box.
 PARANORMAN Cookie Cutter and Cupcake Kit 

including branded cupcake foils,

 toothpick toppers,

 edible frosting toppers and

 a custom cookie cutter.

Looks like we are going to be making
some spooky cupcakes and cookies in 
The Dollhouse!

I am so happy and feel extremely luck
to have received this
PARA-AWESOME prize pack.
The best part was everyone got a little something.

You should all go and check out

Thank you so much Kendra you have
made The Dollhouse crew very happy.

Paranorman is now playing at theaters.
I suggest you go and see it!
I have heard though that it may not be suitable
for younger kids.
Due to the level of scare and some
sexual reference.
But I personally can't wait to see it!

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