Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Frankie Stein Costume - Anytime Costumes

We love Monster High in The Dollhouse.
I was beyond excited when I saw the 
Monster High costumes.
I won a giveaway for a $25.00 certificate
I was excited and this was perfect timing
cause Miss Blue was about to turn 7.
The Frankie Stein costume was going
 to be a perfect present!
Sadly though I never got my code or heard
back from the blogger who's giveaway I won.
Months passed and Halloween is approaching.
I wrote Anytime Costumes asking them about my code.
They were very nice , verified a few things and
they sent a code to me.
I have to say that was amazing costumer service.
It took but a day for they to get back to me and
get it all resolved.

Now this was super exciting cause this meant 
Blue was going to get her Frankie Stein costume
in time for Halloween! YAY!!!!

Now I knew we were going to love it..
But oh my I LOVE this costume.

It has a zipper!!!
This is huge since every other costume
I have ever seen always has those little
Velcro button things.
It is a actual dress with a zipper.

It has fishnet poofy sleeves and attached sleevelets.
The fabric of the dress has that silky feel to it.

Also attached is a polka dot Monster High tie.
I kinda wish that this was detachable so 
she could wear it on other things cause
it is just to cute.

The belt is a separate piece.
Attaches with Velcro on the side.
The lighting bolt is glittery and will be staying wrapped
till Halloween!

Also came with a stitched up pair
of tights.
These are so awesome.
I told Blue I was going to steal them!

Now you all know how sassy Miss Blue is
well once she put this costume on her sassy
level went through the roof.
Doesn't she just look adorable!

I am so excited they made them actual dresses.
They are good quality and made well.
She even asked me if she could wear it for picture day.
And well if she wanted to she could cause it is that nice.
I want to get her the whole set now.
She loves her Monster High dolls so much.
And now she is going to get to be one for 

They have this costume for adults to..

 I am kinda tempted to get the Draculara for me
then we both can be Monster High dolls.

A big THANK YOU to the people @ Anytime Costumes.
My little girl is going to have a FREAKY FABULOUS 
Halloween all because you ROCK!!!!

If you love Monster High as much as we do ..
This would be the perfect costume for you!

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