Sunday, August 12, 2012

Miss Blues first beauty pageant!

I didn't post much last week or enter many giveaways.
We have been super busy!
The end of March I made a deal with Miss Blue,
to read 100 books by her birthday, 
If she did there would be a great reward.
Entering a beauty pageant is something
 she has wanted to do for awhile.
I talked with my hubby and we decided 
if she read the 100 books that would be her reward!
Well fast forward to June ,
she hit 100 the day before her birthday.
I also gave her extra stickers for
helping me out around the house.
Each extra sticker would be a $1 she made $20!

I found a back to school 
half natural / half glitz pageant.
This was the perfect one for her!
We looked for dresses all over line but she didn't 
really fall in love with any of them.
Nana being the most amazing Nana in the world
offered to make her dress.
We picked out a pretty pink sparkly fabric 

and a princess dress pattern.

It was going to be my job to embellish the dress.
This was my first time sewing so I was nervous.
I sewed the embellishments
 together and all the trim on.
I surprised myself.
It actually looked really good!
We lucked out with the skirt part.
Just took apart one of Miss Blue princess dresses.
She loved he dress it came out perfect!

A lot more goes into a beauty pageant 
then just having a pretty face.
It is more about stage presence and confidence.
For the last two almost three months we have been practicing.
Every night after dinner right before bedtime, 
we would watch her do her routines.
In my eye's practice makes perfect!
She had them down and looked good doing them.
Lets fast forward some more.
(Don't forget a lot of sewing, stressing, 
shopping and practicing took place.)

So the day arrived.
I had packed the night before so I was 
calm and ready to go.
We drove about a hour away.
Nana and Papa met us there!
The pageant was at a Lions Club.
Didn't make for the prettiest setting, 
the stage was HUGE!
This made me nervous cause we 
had been practicing on a 5x8 rug.
It was very intimidating!

In the dressing area we got a corner with a outlet!
I had been practicing with my curling wand since I got it.
(Seriously the best $29.99 I ever spent!)
This one is a bit more expensive but the same wand.
I pre curled the back half of her hair at home, just 
so I wouldn't have to rush through it.

My goal of the day was to not have to rush at all.
Me and Nana played around
with her hair till it was just perfect!
It really helped having a super hairdresser's help.

Miss Blue looked stunning!
Everyone was complementing us on her dress.

It was time for her to take the stage.
Even though she didn't do the routine
we had been practicing, she did really good.
I think her nerves just got the best of her.
Like I said the stage was HUGE and really intimidating.
We were super proud and she came off the stage glowing.
Everyone was like "Wow, this is her first pageant?"
She was confident , had pose and grace.
My one complaint is that they wouldn't let us take pictures 
when she was on stage doing her beauty walk.

Next was outfit of choice.
The pageant was back to school themed.
We went with a classic school girl look.
She just looked adorable.

We had a whole cute routing planned to Mozart Sonata 11.
But she decided she didn't want her music.
Since she was the one going on stage I left it up to her.
Well she got up there and struck super cute pose after pose.
She rocked it hard.

The little girl that was getting ready next to us had 
requested a picture with Miss Blue.
Since she loved her dress so much.
Blue was so excited she had made her first pageant buddy!

Now the whole reason we did this was for fun.
Also to give her something to work hard for
over the summer.
(O and don't forget as a reward for reading 100 books)
It was time for crowning.
She just looked so amazing on stage.
 I was so proud!
She blew me away!

She won:
Best Dressed
Best Hair 
Back to School Queen

For you that don't know pageants.
Queen is like 1st runner up!
Or in Olympic terms she got the Silver!
Which is awesome  for her first pageant!
She doesn't know the difference anyway!
Her face lite up when they announced her as the Queen!
It made her summer!

ON her score card she had a lot of 9 & 8's.
The one judge did not like her 
pics very much and gave her 6's
 all the way down on photogenic.
(Which is probably what took the
 supreme title away from her,
she had great scores in everything else.)
Kills me cause that was my fault ,
 I guess I over edited them.
Lesson learned for Mommy!
But I personally loved her pics.
Oh and one judge gave her dress a 10!

It was a great day!
She came home with everything she wanted.
A crown ,trophy and a sash!
Not to mention a whole bunch of confidence.

And yes she will do more.
She loved it!
Nana said she already want's to make another dress!
(I think Nana is hooked too!)

After the pageant  it was time for some victory pizza!

A big thank you to Nana and Papa!
You made yesterday extra special!
We love you guys!

Me and Nana make a pretty awesome beauty team!!!!


  1. Awesome!im glad she did so good and had so much much...i wish more people gave pageants a chance and not jugded from a silly tv show..proud of u miss blue you looked so pretty

  2. I know the tv show does give them a bad wrap. Everyone was super nice to us. The moms were talking to me , everyone was cheering for her on stage it was a great vibe. She loved it the whole way home she just kept saying how she wanted to do more. It sucks they cost so much to enter or I would have her do them all the time. We are hoping to get her in a Halloween one! But we shall see. I would love to see you girls next time you are up here! =)