Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I took a Sneakpeeq and scored a awesome flat iron for free!

I have been wanting a flat iron for a really long time.
Ever since I started entering giveaways I have 
been trying to win one.
No such luck though.
We just didn't have the extra
 $100 so Mommy could flatten her hair.

I joined Sneakpeeq through a bloggers giveaway.
And O boy and I glad I did.
It starts you off with a certain amount of peeks a day.
The item is way lower then retail price.
With taking a peek there is always 
a chance you are going to flip over a 
% off or $ amount off badge.
Well I scored a super peek,
$50 off badge!
Not quite sure how I got it but boy was I smiling!
I would go and check the site here and there.
but never really saw anything that caught my eye to much.
Or that I wanted to spend my $50 dollars on.
Until one night they had a sale for Wetline Pro products.
I first went to the wet/dry flat iron took a peek.
It would cost me $4.00 retail price $249.00.
I knew I only had about $2.99 in my paypal.
(Mind you that is free money I got from 
Superpoints and Swagbucks.)
So I kept looking if I wasn't going to get the wet/dry,
my next choice would be the hot pink zebra
retail price $169.99.
Took a peek and with my $50 off
my price was FREE!
I literally  squealed!
Ok this was it I was finally going to get me a flat iron.
Shipping was going to be $5.99.
I talked my hubby into paying for shipping,
So I start to check out.
Then it gave me a chance to share with my friends
on Facebook for a chance at free shipping.
I shared with everyone on my list.
(Sorry guys but this was a matter of saving $5.99)
Then a free shipping badge popped up!
And it said my total was FREE!

I yelled out to my hubby it cost us nothing.
I know he really didn't want to pay the $5.99.
Yep I was dancing around the room in excitement.
It said I would receive a email shortly.
I never received one, was this deal to good to be true!
I started to think it was never going to show up.
Well when I got back from the pageant on Saturday,
there was a package waiting for me!
It was from Sneakpeeq, so I knew it was the flat iron!
It came, it actually came!
They gave me a $169.99 item for free!

Before I get into the flat iron here is the link 
to Sneakpeeq if you want to join!

It is a hot pink zebra Wetline Pro flatiron.
Come with a nice box to store it in, 
that flaps up.

The one off switch in on the inside.
I plugged it in and turned it on.

The cord was way to long for the space I was using it in.

The blue light means it is on.
Holy hell did this thing heat up fast.
And it was extremely HOT!
This was my first experience with a flat iron,
I didn't realize it was that hot.

WARNING the following pic's
I am makeup less and in my bathrobe!
O and my root are really bad, I need to dye my hair!
Hey I just woke up, kids were eating breakfast.
Perfect time to try out the new flat iron!

My hair wasn't too bad when I woke up today.
Usually I have one side flipping up and the other down.
The length my hair is currently out I am loving.
But sadly my hair has a lot of breakage.
So the time was here, flat iron was hot and ready.
I was surprised with hot hot it left my hair,
almost to hot to touch.
It is easy to hold and use though.
Very light and well made.

It did give me that super straight
in control look, that I have been wanting.
I did notice though that it made my 
breakage much more noticeable.
Which I defiantly need to take care of!
But all in all I love my new flat iron.

Thank you 

for such a amazing deal!


Don't forget you can join the fun and start taking peeks!

My Wetline Pro Flatiron is 

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