Friday, August 3, 2012

Schitzo and Cuddles

Being that we collect Living Dead Dolls,
we had to have the clowns as part of the collection.


Living Dead Dolls Series 3

Date of death: 11/13/1923 at

He'll hand out balloons,

Then lop off your head.

He's playful and witty,

And also quite dead.

On the midway of Hell

Schitzo died of laughter.

Now he turns each show

Into a bloody disaster.

Part of series 3

My husband scored him off of Ebay unopened.
But with a little taunting I convinced him to open him.
His face is painted with bright blues and reds.
This is one of my favorite living dead doll faces.

He comes with three balloons.
That stick into the hole on his hand.

Only thing is they don't stay up too good.
They like to tip over a lot.
But none the less I still adore him.


Living Dead Dolls Series 12

Date of death: 3/17/1942 at 3:33am

Cuddles is such a nut bag

With her big red bulbous nose.

But when your beau is Schitzo

That's just how it goes.

Murdered by a clown she knew

Then painted in his image.

To forever wander by his side

The sum of a mangled visage.

Part of series 12.

She is Schitzos girl.
A friend of mine was selling some stuff
and got in contact with me about her.
Thank you Ashley! We love her!
I was excited Schitzo was finally going to get his Cuddles.

Her face is awesome!
I thought for a second her eyes might glow, 
since they are painted that neon-ish color.
Took her in the dark no glow.
I really wish they would make more dolls eyes glow.
I love being in my dinning room and
 seeing little glowing eye's around me.

She got on a pair of red clown shoes.
I love these!
Her hair is super long and soft.

She also comes with a long bloody knife.
But I wasn't able to get it in her hand.
It just wouldn't fit.
Cuddles is wearing a  cute checkered
 dress with bows and black hearts.
 I wish I could get her dress in my size
cause it is just so cute.

Schitzo's outfit is silky black w/ velvet trim and
 three  red star buttons down the middle.

You can sometimes find these two on Ebay.
But it is usually a hunt.
I adore them both and so happy
they have a spot in our dinning room!

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