Sunday, July 15, 2012

Paper bag puppy puppet

Since it is the summer we have been taking
full advantage of the library and all it's programs.
The summer reading program has motivated Miss Blue
to read more and more books.
My little guy loves the kiddie story time.
My favorite part of it 
every week they send you home with a craft.
This weeks theme was dog and cats.
In a little ziplock baggie they gave us all the 
pieces we need to make a cute
little puppy puppet.

It is easy and the kids love it.

1 brown paper bag
2  medium white circles
1 black small black circle
2 ears
a tail
and 6 little black dots.

Our came all pre cut for us!
Time to grab the glue stick and get gluing.
This seriously took maybe but a minute to put together.
And the kids have been playing
 with them for over a hour now!
The librarian told us the craft this week 
will be a cat to chase the dog.

Do you have any fun crafts you would like to share?
My kids love to make stuff and
 I would love to hear some fun crafts for them!

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