Saturday, July 14, 2012

Disney Store Rapunzel flip flops

Miss Blue has been begging
 me to buy her flip flops for months now.
But I just never got around to it.
Well a week or so ago I was 
going through my email.
A hot deal was going on that
was popping up in a lot 
of  mommy blog emails.
The Disney Store was having a sale 
a lot of stuff was super discounted.
And to sweeten the deal Shop at Home
was offering a full rebate of $3.99,
on the sale price of the flip flops.
Yay, I didn't even have to think about this,
it was a no brainer.
I was going to get the Rapunzel Flip Flops.
Reg  $7.50
on sale for $3.99
Free Shipping
(Thanks to a code)
plus .28 sales tax
making a total of $4.27.

And don't forget I will be getting the $3.99 back
with the Shop at Home cash back reward.
Only thing that I didn't realize was that 
to cash out I need to have a $20 min.
Which might take awhile, I don't think Ebates does that.
But I just need to watch for awesome deals like this.
So when I do get my rebate I would have paid .28
for Miss Blues new flip flops.
But the really cool part is the $4.27 I used to pay was
money I earned from Superpoints.
So I technically got them for free!

So the they arrived today!
The box had Disney written on it so Miss Blue
was like Oooh Disney Mommy.
We opened the box and when she saw them
her face lite up.
She was beyond excited!
Miss Blue went " Mommy I don't like them, I love them!"
It made me feel good, I made her so happy.
But I knew she really wanted them.
And I have to say they are super cute!

You know how some flip flops are flimsy
these are well made and I don't see them
falling apart anytime soon.
They have a pretty sparkle to them!
And the best part they have Rapunzel!
My little girl loves her!
So I knew she was going to love these.
Now I have a problem though,
little guy wants a pair of Flynn Rider ones.
Which I don't think they make.
He might just have to settle for 
a Flynn Rider doll instead!
We are Tangle lovers in this house
and it is awesome to get such a great deal!
They have a ton of great Tangled products go see.
Tangled Stuff
Sadly they don't  have any more Rapunzel flip flops
but they do have Mickey Mouse ones on sale for $3.99.
Mickey Flip Flops

Did you score this deal?

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