Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jäger Bomb Cupcakes!!

The kiddies are at Nana's  for the weekend.
Tonight we are headed to a friends party.
And they just happen to be  Jäger -addicts!
I am going to bring a batch of  Jäger  Bomb cupcakes!
It's going to be a drunk off cupcake's kinda night!

But first I am going to show you, so you can make them too!
You will need 3 things for the Jager Buttercream.
Sweet Cream Butter- 2 sticks
Powdered sugar- 1 cup but add as needed
Jäger- That is up to you!

I started off with two soft sticks of butter.
Added about a cup of powdered sugar.
Then poured in the  Jäger  and mixed.
I added more  Jäger  just to make sure you got that taste.
But the more  Jäger you add the
more powdered sugar you need.
Whip it up.
You want it light and fluffy.
If it isn't just add more powdered sugar till it is.

Now for the Redbull cupcake,
I am using
Funfetti cupcake mix.
Instead of the water I use red bull.
I will taste it while mixing and add
more if I don't get the taste.
But every time I made these the Redbull flavor
was very subtle.

Let the cupcakes chill and then ice them.
They weren't the prettiest cupcakes.
But everyone loved them!

They were the BOMB!!!!

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