Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sephora is having a super sale!

Sephora has a huge sale going on!
This is one you wont want to miss.
I scored a $22 dollar compact for $7.00.
Well actually I got it for cheaper.
I had won a $10 gift card almost a year ago, 
and I finally used it.
Now if you been to Sephora you know 
most the stuff is pretty expensive.
I went once with my ten dollar gift card only to come
home empty handed.
But to make the sale even sweeter if you go to 
You'll get 10% cash back of the total spent at Sephora.
They have some really great things on sale!
Here are a few of my favorites!

tokidoki Airways Palette -Reg price $42- ON sale $19

Kat Von D High Voltage Lacquer- Reg price $12- ON sale $7

               Hello Kitty Intense Perfume- Reg price $55 - ON sale $48

tokidoki Pittura Brush Set- Reg Price $35- On sale $21

      Marshmallows For Toasting™ Body Lotion- Reg Price $12- On sale $9.60

Buxon Samantha's Smoky Eye- Reg price- $32- On sale $20

They have a lot of tokidoki , Hello Kitty, Sephora Collection 
and many more on sale.

So what do I think about my 
Sephora Collection Mineral Compact,
I LOVE it!!!!!

It  gives me exactly what I want from a compact.
It is light and covers great.
It gives me that smooth porcelain look I love.
Honestly I never really spent much on a compact.
I would always get the cheapest one.
Thinking there wasn't much of a difference.
Oh was I wrong, the quality of
 this stuff is so much better.
It stays on all day and I 
don't have to worry about touching up.
You open it up then flip up the makeup,
and underneath is a mirror and pad.

Paying less then $5 dollars for it makes me super happy.
It was $22 reduced to $7 shipping was $5.99 = $12.99
Ten I used my $10 gift card bringing me to a total of  $2.99.
There are rumors that the are discontinuing this compact
Which really is upsetting cause it is amazing.
Hopefully they just update it and make it new and improved.

You can get yours here for $7

If you go over $50 on your order shipping is free!
And don't forget the 10% cash back from 

Go check it out and see if there
 is anything that catches your eye!