Thursday, July 5, 2012

I got FANGS!!!!!

So you remember the cool zombie shirt
 I got from right?
Here let me refresh your memory.

Well I have scored my second item from
It was listed for $10 I had around $5.00 in stylepoints.
Then some random
person gave me $5.00 worth
of style points.
Which got me super excited cause that meant 
I finally had enough for the fang necklace I had my eye on.

I love vampires!
Seriously, so when I saw this
 I knew I had to have it!.
So I used all my stylepoints, 
it was free shipping I just had to
 pay the fee.
Which was only $2!
(which I used my money in my paypal from SUPERPOINTS
so I pretty much got it for free!)

To show you what a great deal this is on 
Ebay the same necklace goes for $12.30 plus $4.80 shipping.
Ebay Listing so you can see for yourself.

I received a email a bit later my necklace
 had already been shipped.
Oh my it is already on it's way!
It arrive two days later, it was shipped from LA.,
 it came from a cute little company.
Outlets by Design, even had a cute 
business card I accidently miss placed.
But from the card it looked like my kinda shop!

So the moral of this story.
Sign up for they start you off with $10 
credit so you to can have this fangtastic necklace.
Fangs not your thing they have all sorts of stuff.
Remember though is a site that if you don't
loose your credits you will loose them.
I am loving my new necklace and  
will be rocking it everyday!
The chain is rather long which isn't really my style,
but I love how it looks as a choker!

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