Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cherry Berry Chillers on Mommy

Yesterday there was a sweet surprise in my email.
I was chosen as one of the five winners 
Cherry Berry Chiller coupon giveaway!
Well yes of course I was excited.
Mommy loves her freebies.
So we didn't just get one
coupon we got 10!
Guess what they showed up today.
Wowzers that was fast and awesome.

It was so adorable the look on my little 
girls face when she saw them all.
She lit up!
I put two in my bag and on the way 
home from picking daddy up
 we hit two MC Donald's.
(only one coupon per order,
we kinda beat the system on that)
 I bet you are wondering was it good?
Oh my it was a cherry flavor bang of goodness.

It makes me happy to know we got 
8 more free ones to go.

Small runs: $1.69
Medium: $1.99
 I forgot what a large is,
but trust me they are yummy.
Very refreshing , warning though if 
you drink to fast you will get brain freeze.

Thank you so much to Tracy at Having Fun Saving
(go check out her site lots of good stuff)

This was defiantly a sweet treat we all loved.

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