Saturday, June 2, 2012

tre Bellezza Cosmetics

 I am not a makeup 
artist but I however have a huge love for makeup.
Today I finally got to try some eye shadow primer.
and my new tre Bellezza brush.

It all started when I was chosen 
as one of their Pin it To Win it pin board winners.
(I am seriously loving Pinterest)
For my prize I received  a $50 gift credit.
I went right to the site and picked out my goodies!
I knew I wanted some eye 
shadow primer and a brush.
Then I just couldn't resist the vanilla lipgloss!
They have tons of gorgeous colors too.
But I have a lot of eye shadows 
but no brush or primer.
 I was stoked!
Now I do my makeup everyday 
and I used those crappy little foam things.
Which drives me crazy.
My package is here
so no more of that!

The goods

Ok so let's start off with a nice clean face.
Clipped my bangs back so they 
wouldn't get in the way!
Primer up.
I covered my eyelids.

Ok two things real quick.
Yes my eyeliner is tattooed on. 
No I don't have any eyebrows.
And the little dots are because 
once upon a time I had them pierced.

Ok back to the makeup talk.
So I took my new brush dipped it in my
purple eye shadow.
Then did the sides with black.
First off this brush is a dream. 
Oh my goodness why have I waited this long.
It is so much easier and looks so much better.
The eye primer worked like a charm too.
The shadow stuck right to it.
Nice and bright!
I am so excited and plan on playing around alot
more with makeup styles now. 

The vanilla lip gloss smells so good.
And give the lips a nice shine.
Makes my lips feel amazing too. 

Thank you so much Debrah from Tre Bellezza
I'm so excited I got to try out your products.
I love them.
Go get yours!

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