Thursday, June 7, 2012

Monster High Sets

So being that my little girl is starting to collect
Monster High Dolls. I was curious
to how many there actually are.

 Wave 1
 Frankie stein
Clawdeen Wolf

 Lagoona Blue

 Ghoulia Yelps

Cleo De Nile

Holt Hyde

Cleo and Gordon set

Wave 2



Wave 4

Dawn of the dance set:
Series One:

Series Two:
Came with scary outfit, bag, invitation to dance,
pictures and a dvd. 

Exclusive set of three:

 Dead tired: 

Wave Two dead tired.

Lagoona's bed make for a awesome night light.

Gloom beach: 

 Sweet 1600th:

 Skull shores: 

 Classroom sets: 

Fearleading Squad's:

Now hold on to your seats.
The best are yet to come.
Mattel has really out done them self.
I am super excited for these new soon to 
be released sets.

Dot Dead Gorgeous

Roller Derby Line

Ghouls Rule Line

Oh my I just adore this set so much..
Wow there is a lot of Monster High Dolls.
Not to mention all the fun accessories 
they also have.
But it is 3 am and I need sleep.
They will have to wait for another time.

(If any of these dolls are in the wrong spot let me know 
so I can fix it)


  1. Here is a really good checklist for all the dolls out at the moment (:

  2. Oooh awesome thank you.. I was looking for this kinda site all night... Would have made my night a lot easier.. There is just to many but that is a wonderful thing! =)