Friday, June 1, 2012

Swag Bucks and Superpoints

These are two sites I am currently using
to get free gift cards.
I'll start off with Swag Bucks.

It is super easy all I do is use their search engine.
Then sometimes YAY!!! You win Swag Bucks!!
I currently have 2,700 Swagbucks.
That is enough for a 10 dollar even a 15 dollar gift card
to most of the cards they offer.
I'm holding on to my Swag Bucks though.
I have been using this program for a few months now.
And I am excited to have so many Swag Bucks.
And honestly I don't do anything more then just search.
There is other ways to get Swag Bucks like
coupons and survey's.
I might just have to start printing out their coupons 
to get more Swag Bucks!

So let's go over this 
1. It's free
  2. It's Easy
3.Free Rewards

Here is my referal link:

Now next is Superpoints
This honestly could not be any easier.
You get a daily email with points in it.
You click on it takes you to the Superpoints site.
Got to get points and then go down to super lucky button.
You'll get 30 clicks a day.
Now when I first signed up for this I didn't
know about the super lucky button. 
So I went a few months missing out on extra superpoints.
I have 1,461 at the moment
that is enough to get a $10 paypal card.
But once again I am holding out!

It's Free
It's Easy
Free Rewards

Here is my referral link:

It is fun to know I have two rewards
 I can turn in at anytime.

My goal.
To get $25 Paypal on both sites.
25 paypal for 3,215 SB (almost there)
              25 paypal for 3,315 Superpoints (Still got a little ways to go)

I'll have $50 Paypal
and I know just what I am going to get!
This also comes in handy during the Holidays.
Save up all year and then cash out!

You know if it is FREE it is for ME !!!
So that is why I am sharing with you!!!

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