Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Freaky Fabulous Birthday..

So Miss Blue's birthday is sneaking up on me.
It's ten days away.
She has got a lot of Monster High awesomeness
coming her way.
I'm so excited.
She is going to be glowing when she see's it all.
But oh no I haven't even thought of the cake.
I usually go all out on the cake!
I'm going to post
Monster High Cakes and Cupcakes
here for references and inspiration.

I love these all.
Don't know if mine is going to 
come out as good.
But I am defiantly going to try real hard!
It is only going to be a few of us so
 I don't need to go all out.
But it will be great practice for the future  birthday party's
Going shopping for a bunch of this stuff today!

I'm so excited and a little sad 
my little girl is going to be 7.
I want this birthday to be fangtastic for her!
I'll be making a lot of Monster High post soon.
She is getting a TON of Monster High goodies!

Stay Ghoulishious
Till Next Time xoxo

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