Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vosges Mo's Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar

So my two favorite things or should I say foods 
are chocolate and bacon.
Me and my husband are both addicts of both.
We received a Vosges Mo's Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar 
as a prize on Cool Gizmo Toys

I was excited cause I have never actually
 tried chocolate with bacon.
It arrived in a nicely packed box.
Now the sucky thing about living in Florida
when you get treats in the mail.
Most the time they show up melted.

Even though Jack tryed with the ice packs.
The Florida sun won.
So we popped the bar O goodness into the freezer.
Waited a few hours.

We didn't realize that there was a coupon in the package.
Which now had become part of the bar.
This gave me and my husband a good chuckle.
And yes we ate around the coupon.

But boy O boy was this thing messy.
We were laughing so hard trying to eat it.

So yes the experience was a little messy.
But the taste was amazing.
I seriously wish I had a whole basket full.
The dark chocolate was so delicious .
My one complaint is I wish the bacon had more taste.
Like it was there but to crunchy.
Reminded me more of toffee then bacon.
I was hoping for pieces of bacon.
Like I said we really like our bacon!!!
The fact it was salted chocolate made my taste
buds do a dance.

Mo's Bacon Bar: 
Hickory smoked bacon + Alderwood smoked salt +
 62% dark chocolate
Net wt 3oz (85g). 

You can go and get your self one HERE

Also go and check out 
Jack has a pretty rad site!!

Thank You Jack!
This candy bar was defiantly a tasty experience.
It was a bit messy but we loved every second of it!!

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