Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm hooked...

So yesterday I had to run out to get some
 BBQ sauce and dressing for 
the steak and chicken.
As I was about to pull away
 I remember I had a few coupons
so I ran in to get them.
Now I have used a coupon here and there.
I get the freebie ones from company's all the time.
But this time I was going to be using one's I clipped.
Had one buy two get a dollar off for Kraft Dressing.
Buy 3 get a dollar off for Sweet Baby's Rays BBQ sauce.
Free Coffee Mate ( manufacturer coupon)
Kraft cheese and breadcrumb mix
(one get one free, one dollar off)

So what was really awesome is Publix  
had a few of those products buy one get one.
Got four  Kraft dressings - with out the coupon or bogo
it would have been $13.59  @3.39 a bottle
With the bogo and coupon got them for 1.44
Savings $7.81

Next was the Sweet Ray's
Yay!! It was buy one get one too.
So reg it's $1.71 so for 6 - 10.26
I used my buy three get a dollar off
and then got three free due to the buy one get one.
Making it .68 a piece.
Savings $6.13

Kraft Cheese and breadcrumb mix was 2 for 4
I had  a get one free and a dollar off.
So I got the discount the 2 for 4.
Then a dollar off
and then the two dollars off for the freebie.
Paid 1.00 for both making it .50 a piece.
Savings 3.00

Large Coffee Mate 3.99
For Free =)
And I got my favorite flavor..
Savings 3.99

Total Savings : $20.93
The best part is I saved more then I spent.
Got all this for $10.91

I'm excited and yes I will be using coupons from now on.
I love to save money and this was just awesome.
We are totally stocked up on BBQ sauce  
and salad dressing for awhile.

I know I have some learning to do.
But I'm pretty sure I will get the hang of it quick!
Saving Money ROCKS!!!!
I will be watching those Publix bogo's.
That really made using the coupons even better.
Saved money and got double the product!
A lot of company's have been giving out coupons 
on facebook and there are tons of great coupon
blogs out there.
So you too can save some money on your grocery's!
Believe me it feels great!

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