Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hansel and Gretel are mine all mine!!!

When I first saw this set.
It went directly on the MUST HAVE list..
I have a few other from the Scarey Tales series.
So I was dropping major hits weeks before
mothers day to the hubby and kiddies.
This would make the perfect 
mothers day present for me.
Well mothers day came and I was bummed
Mommy got no dolls.
But I understood why.
Money is tight buying a new car and all.
And our doll buying was one of the things
that was going to be cut.
Me and Blue went out for a bit 
and when I came home my hubby went babe
I got awesome news.
I got some birthday money coming 
and I want you to get your set of dolls.
I was excited and surprised 
how awesome my hubby was being.
He was going to spend half his
 bday money on me! 
I'm such a lucky girl!!!
(Thank you Nana & Papa)
So then the search began.
They were pretty expensive all over.
I was getting bummed.
Then I stumbled upon
They had them and their price was awesome.
I got excited and ordered that second.
Yep I was dancing around the room after 
that payment went through.
I started counting down the days.
So a few days later I get a email my
payment has been refunded.
Turn that smile into bummed and upset.
I wrote the company and asked them why.
She said that they sold out before I placed my order.
And then told me she was expecting a order in soon
and she would let me know when they got them in.
Well the new order list came in and 
no Hansel and Gretel.
O Boo.
But this is where the really amazing 
part comes in.
Jenna from Sinister Collections went to
and picked me up the set.
Emailed me and let me know if I wanted it,
she would ship it to me the next day!
I was beyond excited not only
that I was going to get the set.
But it was coming from Bats day..
A event I have wanted to attend for a long time.

I highly recommend Sinister Collections.
Their customer service is out of this world!
And they are getting a huge shipment of dolls in soon. 
Not only do they have dolls they have
 a lot of really cool horror products.

Here are a few of my favorite items.
But you need to check it out for yourself.
They have a little bit of everything!

Beetlejuice 18-Inch Action Figure with Sound

Walking Dead Bicycle Girl Zombie Mini-Bust

Tim Burton Tragic Toys Pin Cushion Queen Vinyl Figure

Oh yeah and they carry Abbey Dawn clothes and shoes!
Star Wars
Nightmare Before Christmas
Sucker Punch
Resident Evil
and  a lot more!

Register for their email and receive 10% off.
So enough about this awesome company!
I know your dying to hear about the dolls.

So I haven't opened the dolls.
(Hubby won't let me)
But to be honest the paint job kinda erks me.
Up close it is a mess.
Usually the dolls faces 
are painted differently.
Those little scattered lines reminds
me of when my little girl took 
a pen to her dolls face.
It kinda kills it for me.

Far away it looks ok.
Hansel's hair looks hard as a rock.
I personally can't stand when a doll's hair is hard.
You can see how the quality of the dolls 
is going down hill a bit.
The outfits are super simple.
I wish they would stop making so many dolls.
And put out a couple really good quality ones.
But no matter the things I don't like.
I still love them!
And super stoked to have them 
as part of our collection.

Thank you Jenna so much
You have made this doll super happy!

And my hubby for loving me so much!!!

If you are into horror go and like their Facebook

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