Sunday, May 27, 2012

Do you ooVoo?

So the one thing that really bums me out about
living where I do is that all 
my friends are super far away.
I have some amazing friends
and miss them all dearly.
Well this is where oovoo comes in.
I personally can't stand Skype.
It never works out for me I get all excited 
I am going to chat with one of my girlies.
But it usually turns into
 I can't see you can you see me.
By the end of it I am ready to
 throw my laptop out the window.
I needed to find a program that actually 
let me see my friends and them see me.

I found oovoo through a google search
downloaded it and tryed it out.
And well I love it!
Have been using it for a few years
now and will continue to.
You get two windows.
Has a button that lets you take pics.
If you want to have someone
join your chat room all you have to do
is send them the link.
There is text chat.
It lets you talk to multiple people at the same time.
(up to 12)
You can make phone calls with the program.
You are able to send files.
It available for PC, Mac,Android,iPhone.
And the best part you get to see and
hear your family and friends.
Our pee wee's can interact too
even though we are thousand
of miles away.


Having the ability to see my friends
makes them being so far not as hard.
I get to tell stories and joke around.
And see smiling faces back.

I have a bunch more ooVoo pic
but they are on my other computer.
(dead laptop)
I chat with my dad regularly
which is awesome cause the kids
get to see their grandpa.
And they both love it!
 Telling him knock knock jokes.
Miss blue showing off her new dance moves.
It is interaction that is priceless.
And so much better then just a phone call!

If you have someone you are missing.
Our just want to see their smile.
You really need to check out!

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