Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sneek Peek into my Halloween kitchen

So it was a wonderful weekend.
Easter was EPIC.
The kids had a amazing time.
And my love for my hubby grew 10x
what it was =)

As I was cooking Easter dinner I was looking around 
thinking I am starting to really love my kitchen.

When we moved in to this house it was so ugly.
The colors the wallpaper BARF!!
I was not looking forward to cooking in it.
Well with a bit of paint, some spooky decor
 and a whole bunch of awesome decals.
I'm LOVING it!!

These little creeps hang out with me when 
I am doing the dishes.

I have had these signs hanging in my kitchen for years.
Now they are apart of the the cabinets.
Super excited!!

My Ghostnest knobs
(this company is awesome they can take any pic and turn it into a knob)

Inspired by Nadia G's Bitching Kitchen
I was obsessed with her cabinets.
So here is my mini version.
with little pumpkin heads with top hats on the buttons. 

We plan on getting rid of the wood
and putting down a black
 and white checkered tile floor.
Which I think will make the kitchen pop.
We have a Giani Counter top kit
so they soon will be black.
We are no where's near done
I'll post more pics as we add.

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