Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Ultimate Blog Party


I'm a newbie blogger.
My blog has all sorts of fun stuff.
I'll give you closer looks a my
 favorite products most that I won
 (Doll Approved), my husband reviews his
 video games and guy stuff(MCE),
I'll talk about my favorite tv shows (Living Room) , 
The Treasure Chest is full of all sorts of goodies,
And the Giveaway Wall!

I'm a very visual blogger.
My post will include a lot of pics.
When I have the time of course.
Having two kids is a full time job.
My 6 year old is super sassy
and my two year old is overactive.
So who is Teh Doll?
My dad calls me Oooky Spooky!!
My name is Shannon.
I'm am a aspiring graphic artist.

Tea drinking doll collector.
(Make sure you check out my
 Doll collection while you are here)

My kiddies are my Super Hero's.

Was married on Friday the 13th,
Making that the luckiest day of my life.

We had our wedding on our one year anniversary

Which was also Heartagram Day

My friends are my family
and my family means the world to me.
I am blessed with some truly amazing people
in my life!

10 of my favorite things:
Liquid Black Eyeliner
Platform Mary Janes
Vinyl Decals
Living Dead Dolls

Chocolate Milk
(I seriously listen to music all day)

The 69 eyes
Dope Stars Inc.
Type O Negative
These are just a few of my favorite bands.
You should totally check out.

Now some randomness:
I have 22 tattoo's
My favorite number is 13
I frequently ooVoo with my bestie Posin

My dream Couch

I like to craft creepy things

My friends think I am very sweet

My husband is a bacon ADDICT

My favorite photo shoot was with Amy Von
we had so much fun.

Mommy and Daddy enjoy the spookier things in life.
My favorite time of year is 
when all the Halloween stuff is discounted.
I seriously count down the days!
I love to thrift shop.

Like to consider myself a SUPER MOM
my world revolves around my kids.
(Oh and I am a pretty good cook too)
The Dollhouse is a place of laughter and full of love.

Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Visiting from the UBP party! I have 3 tattoos, but want so many more. Happy party hopping!!

  2. Oh they are so addicting.. Thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Monster High Parents, we're on facebook as well! Truly your blog is clawsome and hope you will stick around after UBP12 as I venture to comic con!!!