Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jack and Jill (Club Mez Exclusive)

My husband surprised me with this
 set a few Christmas  ago.
I had always wanted it so I was beyond
 excited when I opened it.
Only 1,500 of them were made
Being a San Diego Comic Com Exclusive
The coffin was still sealed
and the dolls were in body bags.
To open or not to open that is the question.
Well for me that was a no brainier
There was a chance it was one of the 
200 glow in the dark ones.

Opened them they weren't  the glow in the dark ones
but it didn't matter.
I still adored them!

Something that I didn't know 
was that their pupils glow

And you know I love when a doll glows!

Jack and Jill went out to kill.
But mine like to play patty cake.

This set is so much fun.
We got a great deal on this set $54 sealed.
This set was released in 2009.
You can find it if you look around.
And remember there is always the chance
that you could get the glowing set
 if the coffin is still sealed.

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