Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zombie Alert..

So after watching walking dead tonight .. Holy F..
Next week is going to be intense..

But I love zombies.. 
Well let me rephrase that..
The thought of zombies scare the living day lights out of me..
 But Zombie Merch I love.

So what is a zombie?
Zombie (Haitian Creolezonbi; North Mbundunzumbe) is a term used to denote an animated corpse brought back to life by mystical means, such as witchcraft.

West Africa: Its believed  a dead person can be revived by a bokor, or sorcerer.
Zombies remain under the control of the bokor since they have no will of their own. 
The zombi astral is typically kept inside a bottle which the
 bokor can sell to clients for luck, healing or business success. 
Vodou legend says that feeding a zombie salt will make it return to the grave.

                        South Africa: They believe that witches can turn a person into a zombie
by killing and possessing their body.
To force it into slave labor.
There was even stories told of witch trains
 abducting people and turning them 
into zombie workers.

The first use of the word zombi 1929 novel The Magic Island by William Seabrook
First zombie movie 1932, Victor Halperin directed White Zombie,
 a horror film starring Bela Lugosi
These being very reflective of the  Haitian zombie tradition .
The first time we saw the flesh eating  zombie was
George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead.
So could a zombie attack really happen?
Well some people say yes and some people say no..
But it wouldn't be anything like it's portrayed on  tv  or the movies.

But hey you never know.. And you can never be to safe.

Located in Poland
Worlds first Zombie Proof House
Know as The Safe House

Nice right
Lock up mode starting


There is only one entrance into this house.
You have to cross a draw bridge to get there.
After crossing the bridge there is a safety zone.
 You need to wait in a safety room until your are let into the house.
Built between 2005 and 2009,
 the house features Rubik's Cube-type movable parts.
 It folds in on itself completely at the end 
of the day to seal against outside threats.
The house wakes up in the morning and closes up at dusk.

 Zombie Walks
Coming to a town near you
(a  phenomena )

And I must say it is a pretty awesome site.
Well to see all those dressed up zombies.
If they were real I would be totally freaked out..

But one thing is for sure.
Our society is  obsessed with zombies.
They are everywhere!!
And as long as they are not trying to eat me.
I'm enjoying it!

Sneak Peek 
Next weeks finale
Told you it was going to be intense!!

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