Thursday, March 15, 2012


Totsy ...Have you heard of it..
Super discounted prices on items for kids and mom's

I just ordered these cute cuddle buddies for the pee wee's

Originally they were $40
They were on sale for $23.95 x 2 = $47.90
I had received a $25 credit as a prize
 from  Real Moms Real Views Totsy giveaway
(Thank you Hollie)
Bringing me down to $22.90
Plus the 7.95 shipping
The total for both $30.85
Divide that by two and I got them each for $15.42

I'm excited this was a great deal.
I got them  both for less than one at regular price.

Here is a invite if you want to check out Totsy
The sales change daily

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